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At All Around Plumbing we value honesty as the key to our business trustworthiness and integrity. Our commitment is to provide 100% satisfaction, quality service, and to inform you of all your options. While also delivering superior service to maintain, repair, and enhance our customers plumbing systems for residential & commercial properties in the greater Houston and surrounding cities.

About All Around Plumbing:

All Around Plumbing dedication is to provide first class service. 15 years in the plumbing industry, we are confident that we will be able to provide a superior and affordable solution for all of your plumbing issues. Our 7 days a week emergency service availability guarantees that we will always be there to get the job done right the first time.

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A whole house water softener system can be an investment to your home, pipes, family, and appliances. Calcium and magnesium is what makes water hard and create build up in the pipes, plumbing fixtures, staining shower doors, sediment build up on the bottom of the water heater or heat exchanger overtime making the unit inefficient and work harder. With a water softener system you’ll be able to cut down your cost on soaps and detergent, prolong the lifespan of your pipes and appliances. You won’t have to use harsh chemicals for cleaning your household of those stubborn hard water stains.

Whole house carbon filtration will remove or reduce undesirable chemicals, disinfectants, & volatile organic compounds commonly found in municipal water supplies. You’ll have clean drinking water from each tap reducing the purchase of bottled water.

A reverse osmosis system installed at the kitchen sink which reduces unwanted impurities, eliminates bad taste, & odors. Mainly used for drinking and cooking purposes.Hot water dispenser are mainly installed for instant hot water at your kitchen sink 24/7 at your convenience.

From all make and model toilets can be repaired or replaced. From a defective toilet flapper, fill valve, flush valve, tank to bowl gasket, trip lever, broken tank, bowl, seat, or even a leak at the base of the toilet we’ll be able to provide multiple options to your choice.

Weather it’s a one or two piece toilet our services will include different brand toilets which will have a extended parts & labor warranty. Your old toilet will also be dispose of at no additional cost. 

From any make & model faucets, tub/shower valve, garbage disposal, dishwasher, drinking fountain, sink, vanity, washing washing machine & dryer installation we’ll be able to assist you with any plumbing installation or repair project.

Drain Cleaning For Residential & Commercial Property

From any type of bath tub, shower, lavatory, toilet, urinal, sink, laundry stand pipe, floor drain, or air conditioning primary drain lines can be serviced for any type of drain stoppage. Drain pipe obstructions such as tree root intrusion, hair, soap scum grease build up, bellied pipes, collapsed pipes, or any sort of build up can form a layer on the walls of the drain pipe over time restricting proper flow. Accessible drain clean outs with proper clearance will include a free drain video inspection with paid service.

Bathtub removal and replacement. Shower pan removal & replacement.

Whether you are looking to build your dream bathroom or simply update your existing bathroom, All Around Plumbing will work with you during a free in-home consultation. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Water Heaters

Whether you own a gas, electric, or tankless water heater, we provide professional repairs or replacement for all makes & models to give you a stress-free experience. Water heaters have become a necessity, so it is important to regularly check and maintain your water heater for warning signs before a major problem occurs. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Houston and surrounding cities.

Signs and symptoms of a failing water heater: 

  • Insufficient or no hot water,
  • A rotten egg or metallic smell from your water,
  • Rust colored or cloudy water,
  • Water heater leaking, and
  • A rumbling noise from your water heater.

Tank & Tankless-Free Estimates On New Install


Older homes built up until the 1980’s have galvanize steel water pipes which is now more prone to cause floods in homes. The interior zinc coating of this type of pipe with age eventually breaks down and cause the pipe to rust internally which creates low water pressure, rusted water, clogged fixtures, creates an odor, and form pin hole leaks which can cause major water damage. Being proactive and replacing the water pipes before it’s too late can be a wise decision.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan Learn More & Order

Drain Pipe Clean-out

All Around Plumbing will perform a video inspection of the inside of the pipe which will determine what’s the next course of action.

Safety is a number one goal with any job, and becomes more important with any job which deals with gas. When it comes to a gas leak, installation, or repair you’ll definitely want a licensed plumber that can perform the proper procedures such as getting a permit if required, pressure test, & repairs. Alterations of any gas pipe system can be made after determining that the existing system is sized properly. Most gas appliances here in Texas do require gas such as a cooktop, water heater, furnace, barbecue grill, fireplace, range, dryer, generator, etc…

Water pipe leaks can cause serious damage to a home or business. It’s alway good to know what type of water pipes the property has, it’s also a good idea to know where the main water shut off valve to the property is in the case of an emergency. Any type of water pipe from galvanize steel, copper, CPVC, PVC, & PEX can be repaired and is what you’ll see mainly here in Texas. Water leak can be created from numerous reasons which can be from age, stress on the pipes, excessive pressure, or improper installation.

Video Inspection

Drain & Sewer Video Camera Inspection

 Will also be part of our drain services if there’s an accessible clean out.Video inspection is a way to help the home owner know the condition of the inside of the pipe. Most liquid drain cleaning product are dangerous, acidic and can over time cause more damage to the drain pipes, not to mention the fumes it gives off.

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