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 At All Around Plumbing we value honesty and integrity as the key to our business. Our commitment is to provide quality all around service and 100% customer satisfaction with every interaction. Our highly experienced plumbers will offer timely, guaranteed service for every client. We offer complete plumbing services in the Houston, Texas area and surrounding cities for both residential & commercial properties. Our pledge “We Do It Right The First Time” is what we believe.

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Here at All Around Plumbing, when you call us for service you can expect a punctual response time, up front pricing by the job rather than the hour, technicians in clean uniforms, and fully stocked vans. We offer different solutions that’s affordable for all your plumbing issues. Our 7 days a week plumbing service guarantees that we will always be there to get the job done right the first time. Call today to speak with someone and schedule your appointment.

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How you ever asked yourself what’s in the water you drink or bathe in? Water filtration can solve many of the problems and concerns that homeowners have with water quality. 

  • Water Softener System: Softening your water will raise the efficiency and expand the lifespan of everything that needs plumbing in your home. This can be looked as an investment to your home, pipes, family, and water appliances. Calcium and magnesium is what actually makes water hard and create film build up on the inner walls of your water pipes, on plumbing fixtures, inside your dishwasher and even staining shower doors. Scale build up inside of your house plumbing and appliances can overwork the equipment which becomes inefficient and prematurely fail. With a water softener system added to your home, you’ll be able to cut your cost down on soaps, prolong the lifespan of your plumbing, appliances, and have healthier soft. Using harsh chemicals for cleaning your household of those stubborn hard water stains would be a thing in the past.
  • Water Filtration System: Most people want to provide their family with the highest quality water possible. One of the best ways to remove impurities from your water is with a carbon water filtration system. This type of system is designed to effectively reduce or remove chloramines, chlorine, dissolved organic contaminants, metallic tastes, foul odors and other contaminants that affect water quality.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: This can be installed as a point of use filtration system like a faucet installed at the kitchen sink. Impurities are removed, contaminants are reduced, and eliminate bad taste & odors. You’ll be able to produce bottled-water quality straight from the tap.


TOILET REPAIR: The most common issues with a toilet is the constant running of water from the tank into the bowl. This issue can be annoying and also can be an expensive one when you consider the cost of the wasted water on your monthly utility bill. These kinds of problems are usually the result of a faulty component inside the toilet tank. Water may also leak from the base of a toilet if the wax ring seal located between the bowl and the drainpipe becomes cracked or dried out. If you notice your toilet wobbling from side to side or appearing unstable, you may have a broken flange. When you need toilet repair or installation services call us to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Repair & Installation: A leaky or dripping faucet is probably the most common and annoying bathroom or kitchen plumbing issue. Plumbing repairs are not only the handles and faucets or hardware of your bathroom or kitchen. They also include the commode, bathtub, shower, sinks, urinals, bidet, or drinking fountain. Our plumbers are well-trained in resolving plumbing repairs and can get to the root of your problem through a thorough inspection and take the proper steps to fix it.

Drain Cleaning For Residential & Commercial Property

DRAIN CLEANING: “Remove the bold on the header” Our plumbers provide both residential and commercial drain cleaning services. When your kitchen drain becomes clogged or flowing slow it’s typically caused from grease, soaps, oils, fats and food that overtime build up inside the walls of your drainpipes. Bathroom drain clogs are usually from hair, soap scum, toothpaste, toilet paper, or non-flushable material. At All Around Plumbing LLC we provide effective drain and sewer cleaning services that will restore your plumbing system and bring comfort back to your home. If your drains are running slow or is simply clogged up give us a call.

TUB AND SHOWER: As a homeowner you have many choices when it comes time to replace or install a shower or bathtub. No matter what you have in mind for your bathroom, our plumbing experts here at All Around Plumbing will be glad to help you with your upgrades. There’s no limit to what we can do for you and your options are open!

REMODELING: Whether you’re looking to build your dream bathroom or kitchen, or even just to change things up typically this is where you begin. From removing, relocating new water and drain lines to a brand-new bathtub or updated plumbing fixture. All Around Plumbing LLC can provide you a free in-home consultation. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Water Heaters

  • CHANGE W/H Repair/Replacement to WATER HEATERS: Whether you own a gas, electric, tank or tankless water heater, we provide professional repair or replacement for all brand units. Water heaters have become a necessity, so it is important to regularly check and maintain your water heater for warning signs before a major problem occurs. We service residential and commercial water heaters throughout the greater Houston and surrounding cities.


Signs and symptoms of a failing water heater

    • Insufficient or no hot water
    • A rotten egg or metallic smell from your water
    • Rust colored or cloudy water
    • Water heater leaking
    • A rumbling noisy sound
    • Free Estimates For Tank and Tankless Water Heaters


REPIPING SERVICE: Older homes built with galvanize piping is made of steel. The zinc coating is there to help prevent rust. However, it’s just a matter of time before they fail. Galvanized pipe rust from the inside out. Repiping a home can be a financial investment, and, in most cases, the benefits outweigh the costs.

You may want to consider a repipe if:

  • Your pipes are leaking in multiple areas
  • Water spots appear on ceilings and walls
  • Your water is discolored
  • There is low water pressure throughout your home
  • Clogged shower heads and faucets
  • Foul smell from the water

Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan Learn More & Order

Drain Pipe Clean-out

Drain/Sewer Line Repair or Replacement: Are you concerned that tree roots may be destroying your sewer lines? Have your drainpipes begun to show signs of a leak under your property? Sewer leaks are the number one cause of costly foundation issues. Our plumbers are here to help you with hydrostatic testing, repair or replacement of your drainpipes. At All Around Plumbing, we take the time to explain your options, review the problem, and show you exactly how we are going to fix it. We also provide smoke testing service in cases where there is the possibility of dangerous sewer gases leaking into the home. If you smell sewer gas in your home, call us so we can detect the source of the problem and correct the issue.

GAS PIPE REPAIR: A gas line repair is something that should only be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor. If you suspect a gas leak, allow our trained professional plumbers to detect the location of a leak and offer solutions to your problem. We will purchase all city permitting where required, proceed with searching for the gas leak location, and make any necessary repairs to ensure the gas system is leak free. Call us today if you’re in need of a gas line installation for a stove, water heater, furnace, barbecue grill, fireplace, dryer, generator, pool heater.

WATER PIPE REPAIR: How do you know if you may have a water leak? High water bills, water showing up on your lawn, ceiling, carpet, walls or even tile may be an indication that you have a water leak. A leak can become a large problem that can incur major damages to your property. Pipe leak repairs can mean anything from repairing the water line to an ice maker to repairing the water service pipe that supplies your entire home or business. No matter the size of the problem, All Around Plumbing can fix every type of leak.

Video Inspection

VIDEO DRAIN INSPECTION: Are you tired of those slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs? Causes of these problems are found deep within the pipe itself and can go undiagnosed until a major plumbing problem arises. Performing a video inspection pinpoints the trouble spot, helps visually confirm the cause of the drainage problem, and takes the guesswork out of solving your issue. It’s the most effective method available that can determine if it’s a root intrusion, crushed, cracked or misaligned pipe. The video footage is transmitted in real-time, so that our plumber can see the condition inside your sewer and drain lines can be assessed immediately and footage saved for future reference.

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